Research funding and other professional and civic accolades. 


Brenau University Alumni Hall of Fame

Awarded by Brenau University Alumni Office

The Brenau University Hall of Fame honors three alumni annually who have made significant contributions to their country, state, communities, and to Brenau. Inductees demonstrate the excellence of Brenau through their leadership, loyal support, service, and dedication. 

Awarded by the UNC Office for Diversity and Inclusion, UNC Office of the Provost

This annual award recognizes faculty, staff, or public entity who exemplify a commitment to justice, diversity, equity, and inclusion.


Junior Faculty Development Award 

Awarded by the UNC Office of the Provost

A research proposal competition for junior faculty with funds provided by IBM and R. J. Reynolds Industries, Inc.

Postdoctoral Scholar Travel Award 

Awarded by the Virginia Commonwealth University Postdoctoral Association

A research competition for postdoctoral research fellows funded by the VCU Office of Research and Postdoctoral Association. 


Young Alumna Award

Awarded by Brenau University Women's College

This prestigious award recognizes alumnae of the Women’s College who have demonstrated excellence, expertise, leadership, continued education, etc. in their field.